ST status demand of Meetei community opposed by ATSUM

ST status demand of Meetei community opposed by ATSUM

Manipur: A tribal consultative meeting was convened on March 23 at Amity Hall, Adimjati Complex, Imphal on “Demand for inclusion of Meetei/Meitei and Meti Pangal communities in ST category”.

The meeting was presided over by a senior tribal leader, Ngachonmi Chamroy.
The meeting was attended by many prominent tribal leaders including leaders of APEX organization, women and student leaders.
The leaders present, after thorough deliberation, ATSUM reiterate their support for the causes that ATSUM champions for the people.

During the discussion, members from various hill districts expressed their fear and apprehension that if the Meetei/Meitei and Meiti Pangal communities are granted ST status, they will further exploit the Scheduled Tribes in Manipur. A floodgate will open.
Therefore, the meeting unanimously confirmed the opposition to the demand for ST status of Matti/Matti and Matti Pangal.

Furthermore, the meeting also endorsed the ATSM to continue following the issue and formulate an action plan to strengthen the voice of the people.


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