SOREPA calls for boycott on Republic day, impose total shutdown

SOREPA calls for boycott on Republic day, impose total shutdown

Imphal: An underground  Independent organization, Socialist Revolutionary Party (SOREPA), Kangleipak, (Manipur) has announced a boycott of India’s Republic Day on Saturday, January 26, and a 13-hour complete shutdown in the region from 4 am to 5 pm on that day.
In a statement, SOREPA’s Publicity and Organization Secretary, MC Yaiphabi, said the organization supports general strikes, total shutdowns, boycotts etc organized by any group in West South East Asia (WESEA) and Kashmir areas.
However, emergency services including media houses, medical services and religious activities will be exempted during the general strike.

The SOREPA also stated that it was time for the people to discuss the Indian government’s policy of creating enmity among various communities in an attempt to sabotage the movement for a united WESEA and to continue their colonial rule over the people of this area.

The SOREPA also asserted that it strongly deny the illegal annexation of Indian government on Manipur. As Manipur is facing war-like situation since the India illegallay signed the merger agreement.

Now the time has arrived that people of Manipur should think who brought them to this stage violence and killings.

The SORPA also paid revolutionary tributes to those who have sacrificed while fighting for the unity of the land and wished a speedy recovery to those who have been injured while protecting the land.

The SOREPA said that the outfit was established to “regain the independence of Manipur in the WESEA”, along with like-minded revolutionary outfits affirming its belief in “scientific socialism” as the way forward.

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