Sitaram Yechury says BJP Double-engine govt yet to solve Manipur

Sitaram Yechury says BJP Double-engine govt yet to solve Manipur

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Sitaram Yechury, is set to lead a four-member delegation on a visit to Manipur from August 18 to 20. The visit comes in the backdrop of a prolonged conflict in the region, which has endured for more than three months, leading to loss of lives and large-scale displacement of people.

Addressing the gravity of the situation, Sitaram  Yechury stated, “The conflict in Manipur is continuing for more than three months & it has taken a very large toll on life & displacement of people.” He further expressed his deep concern over the ongoing turmoil and its impact on the lives of the people.

During the visit, the delegation plans to convey their unwavering solidarity with the people of Manipur. Yechury emphasized, “We will express our solidarity with the people of Manipur & tell them India is with you. We are part of one family & we will do our best to help you out in this situation.”

The delegation aims to engage with local communities, understand the ground realities, and offer their support to the affected population.

Drawing attention to the government’s response, Yechury criticized the lack of a concrete solution or direction for resolving the ongoing crisis. He pointed out, “So far this double-engine government has not been able to arrive at any solution or a direction on how this issue is to be resolved.”

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