Silent and gloomy Christmas revered by Kuki-Zo tribal in Kangpokpi

Silent and gloomy Christmas revered by Kuki-Zo tribal in Kangpokpi

Imphal: The otherwise well-lit and very lively Kuki-Zo Christian-dominated Kangpokpi district saw a dull and gloomy Christmas this year as the Kuki-Zo community celebrated a “silent and dark Christmas” due to ongoing violence that started on May 3.
The sense and spirit of the festival is completely absent as the people of Kuki-Zo have restrained themselves from conspicuous ceremonies and other forms of enjoyment.
No Christmas decorations, no lighting of lights, no Christmas carols, and joy, no Christmas feast and fellowship ceremony like lenkhom, the traditional form of song and dance seen inside and outside the house.

Rather, the Kuki-Zo stayed alert and prepared for any disturbance during the festive season.

As advised by the Committee on Tribal Unity, or the CoTU, Sadar Hills, all Churches in the district, shortened the Church morning service and conducted the evening service in the afternoon to culminate the program before night.

Normally, Christmas and New Year celebrations are organized at least for 2 to 3 consecutive days, but this year apart from strict advisory on the celebration, even the church services have also been limited.

Some Churches in Kangpokpi town after the morning Christmas service, served cakes, tea, and snacks instead of organizing the Christmas sumptuous feast.

Kuki-Zo volunteers instead of celebrating Christmas, stayed alert in the buffer zones or peripheral areas while CoTU leaders and the women’s wing replaced the womenfolk on regular highway duty in frisking and checking the vehicles.

Committee on Tribal Unity Sadar Hills leaders led by its Chairman Thanglen Kipgen and Secretary Lamminlun Singsit visited the Kuki-Zo volunteers who are in the buffer zones to wish them a Christmas Chibai and wishes.

They also sang a Christmas song wishing a Merry Christmas to all the Kuki-Zo people across the globe at the Gamgiphai checkpoint.

CoTU’s Spokesperson, Kaiminlen Sitlhou said that the Committee on Tribal Unity is saddened to reflect that this Christmas celebrations in Kuki-Zo dominated Kangpokpi district have been damp and low-key completely missing Christmas spirit owing to the morose environment everywhere due to the ongoing violence in Manipur.

He said that this festive season is celebrated sans carol and joyous splendor of merriment but with solemn prayers for our border bravehearts in the church.

He also said that the Committee on Tribal Unity is magnanimous to the Kuki-Zo community for adhering to our appeal for “Muted Christmas and New Year”.

The Committee also reminded the valley-based media platform to desist from portraying the Kuki-Zo in a bad light during the Christmas season as no amount of conjuncture can demean our Christian values.

The Committee while appealing to the Kuki-Zo not to indulge in overtly conspicuous celebrations and other forms of enjoyment, urged them to stay alert and be prepared for any eventuality, especially during Christmas and New Year.

Meanwhile, CoTU’s Information and Publicity Secretary, Thangtinlen Haokip said that the committee leaders visited the Kuki-Zo women who are on regular highway duty at the Gamgiphai checkpoint who could not stay with their family during Christmas and sang Christmas songs wishing everyone Merry Christmas.

He also said that conveyed heartfelt gratitude to all the Kuki-Zo volunteers and the womenfolk for sacrificing their precious time during this Christmas to guard the land and the people.

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