Separation is only way for peace, Kuki wants center intervention

Separation is only way for peace, Kuki wants center intervention

Manipur: Accusing the central government of prolonged silence, Kukis staged a dharna in Kangpokpi today, demanding immediate intervention to redress their grievances amid the ongoing crisis in Manipur. Thousands of Kuki women gathered at Brig. M Thomas carried placards and banners at the ground expressing their concern over the violence in Manipur.
Organized by the Committee for Tribal Unity, President Hills, the protest also saw the participation of internally displaced persons relocated in Kangpokpi district. Convenor of Media Cell Janghaolun Haokip, Committee on Tribals Unity, President Hills, questioned the central government’s silence and lack of attention towards the alleged ethnic cleansing against the Kuki community in Manipur.
Haokip further shed light on the failure of the Manipur government, which Chief Minister N Biren Singh acknowledged. He questioned why the Chief Minister was not removed from his post despite admitting the government’s failure. Haokip called for the immediate declaration of Arambai Tengol and Meitei Leepun as illegal organizations in view of the more than 4,000 confiscated government weapons.
The Kuki community emphasized that peace and harmony were not possible until they were separated from the Valley. He expressed confidence in the present government and his neighboring Meitei community. Haokip urged the central government to take legal action against the chief minister for declaring the Kukis illegal immigrants and foreigners, even though historical records and books disproved such claims.
Furthermore, Haokip called on the central government to intervene immediately and facilitate the separation of the Kuki tribal community from the Valley, stressing the need for normalcy and peace between the two communities.
The Tribal Unity Committee, President Hills, announced plans to organize similar sit-in protests at various locations across the district to further highlight their concerns.
During the protest, internally displaced persons shared their personal stories of suffering and loss. He held Chief Minister N Biren Singh responsible for the violence and killings, accusing him of failing to protect his people and fomenting communal war. Displaced women expressed their dismay at the chief minister, who they believe showed prejudice against the Meitei community and treated Kuki tribal people as foreigners.
Faced with fabrication and misinformation, internally displaced women emphasized the need for real works rather than on-screen performances. He reiterated that attempts by the majority Meitei community to discriminate and undermine them are baseless. The displaced women urged the Chief Minister to focus on promoting peace instead of driving out the tribal population.

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