Sepahijala Zoo to get a pair of Royal Bengal tigers from Siliguri

Sepahijala Zoo to get a pair of Royal Bengal tigers from Siliguri

Agartala:  The wait of the last five years is finally coming to an end for Tripura’s Sepahijala Zoo. Zoo-visitors at Sepahijala last saw Royal Bengal tigers in 2018.
In an exchange program with the Siliguri Zoo, the Tripura Zoo will receive a pair of Royal Bengal Tigers and will donate a pair of lions.Sepahijala Zoo previously had a Royal Bengal Tiger but it died five years ago and since then the zoo authorities have been trying hard to get Niram Dev into their captivity.

The wildlife officials here on Wednesday said Tripura’s Sepahijala Zoo has been waiting to welcome Royal Bengal tigers for a long time after the death of the last tigress about five years ago.

And NBWAP has also been looking for a lion couple to make its most ambitious Bengal safari attractive for visitors.
The exchange program has been approved by the Central Zoo Authority of India and will be a boon for both the zoos.
Under the exchange programme, Siliguri Zoo will send a pair of tigers, a pair of leopards, a mountain myna, an Indian peacock, a gold farmer and a silver pheasant.

Whereas the North Bengal Zoo will receive a pair of blackbuck and leopard cats along with a lion couple.

The zoo authorities in Tripura hope that these kinds of exchange programmes will be a boost for the zoo-goers who yearn to witness varied animal species when they visit the zoo.

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