Security meeting of Assam Rifles at Khonsa in Arunachal Pradesh


DIBRUGARH: The Khonsa Battalion of the Assam Rifles held a security meeting in Khonsa, Trap to provide an opportunity for peace in the troubled districts of Tirap and Longding and to curb anti-social activities such as extortion, kidnapping and recruitment of insurgents. District with Trump police and state administration on Wednesday.
Col. Amit Kumar Das, SM, in a security meeting chaired by the Commandant of Khonsa Battalion, asked the village appointments for their active participation and cooperation in eradicating the menace of insurgency from Tirap and NSCN factions active in Longding district. went. The security meeting was attended by 120 Gaon of lambs and kings from villages of Tirapand Longding districts.

Informing about the general situation in the region, the Commandant sought the active participation and cooperation of the village authorities in ensuring further reduction in illegal activities of the insurgents including extortion, kidnapping, recruitment of insurgents and other nefarious activities.
The commandant thanked the village appointments for providing timely information to the insurgents, which has resulted in several successful operations in the past year.

He also lauded the village’s appointments in ensuring the surrender of 63 insurgents from both the districts and joining the national mainstream and zero recruitment of youth in the insurgent factions from Trap and Longding districts.
Villagers were advised not to allow any citizen to accompany or guide a rebel group or to stay in a rebel stronghold as it could endanger their lives during security forces operations. He was told to report to security forces and police immediately. Action by the insurgents so that operations can be planned with due consideration.
The gathering was briefed on the recently announced underground surrender police by the state government and village appointees promised to ensure that all local rebels were mainstreamed.

The meeting noted the growing trend of anti-insurgency protests and gave examples of demonstrations in Khonsa, Noglo, Lahu, Kapu, Pullung, Longphong and Longkhaw (Long Ding) and the strength of the villagers’ unity.
The recent incursion of a group of NSCN IM cadres in Tirap district was discussed and due to timely information provided by the villagers, the security forces were able to neutralize the cadres and arrest one with a large quantity of arms and ammunition. Succeeded in arresting

Village appointments were informed about various civic activities and employment opportunities available to the youth.

The security meeting received a strong response and all the attendees unanimously decided not to cooperate with the underground groups to collect the extortion money and decided to unite against the menace of insurgency by various factions of NSCN so that the district Peace can be established in Tirap and Longding .

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