Security forces seized cache of arms from Kuki dominated areas

Security forces seized cache of arms from Kuki dominated areas

Imphal: Security forces in Manipur recently undertook extensive search operations and area domination initiatives across the fringe and vulnerable regions of both hill and valley districts. These efforts were aimed at bolstering security measures and preempting potential threats to public safety.

During the meticulous search operations, a cache of various items was discovered, highlighting the effectiveness of the security forces’ endeavors. The recovered items included:

– One locally manufactured 9mm Pistol along with an empty magazine, indicative of illicit arms proliferation within the region.
– Six 36-HE Grenades, posing a significant risk of potential harm or disruption if fallen into the wrong hands.
– Three covers of 2-inch mortar smoke shell, potentially indicating preparations for incendiary or smoke-based operations.
– Four empty shells of 2-inch mortar smoke shell, suggesting prior usage or testing of such munitions.
– One Tube launcher, likely intended for the deployment or launch of projectiles.
– One BP plate, possibly utilized for ballistic protection purposes, underscoring the presence of armed elements.
– One Baofeng handheld communication device, facilitating clandestine communication and coordination.
– Two BP vests, essential equipment for combat or security personnel operating in high-risk environments.
– Three cartridge chargers, essential components for the loading and preparation of firearms.
– Two rings of a grenade launcher, indicative of the potential presence of heavy weaponry or ordnance.

These discoveries were made in the Wangoo Yellangba hill area, located within Kakching District, underscoring the geographical spread of security concerns within Manipur. The recovery of such a diverse array of items underscores the multifaceted nature of security threats facing the region, ranging from arms proliferation to potential insurgent activities.

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