Schoolchildren in Meghalaya witness highest has tobacco usage

Schoolchildren in Meghalaya witness highest has tobacco usage

Shillong: An awareness program against drug abuse organized by Shillong All Faith Forum (SAFF) in collaboration with SAN-KER on Tuesday highlighted that tobacco use is highest among school children in Meghalaya at 96.4%. , followed by Nagaland at 95.8 percent. and 93.1 percent in Sikkim.
The keynote address for the awareness program was delivered by Dr. Sandi Syiem, Director, SAN-KER.
Dr. Syime presented these disturbing numbers in his presentation, including how to identify addicts, how to intervene, and how to break down feelings of denial, as well as helping the patient recognize the negative consequences of the disorder if Don’t talk about it and seek help.

Bishop Purely Lyngdoh, president of SAFF, who delivered the inaugural speech, stated that the human body is a gift from God, and it should not be messed with, with substance abuse and for selfish reasons.

Dr. Syiem also called upon two recovering addicts who shared their experiences and highlighted the importance of moral support from the society and community for them to recover from this menace.

The drug abuse programme was conducted to ensure that we can fight the war against drugs and this cannot be done with sticks and stones but with love, care and help.

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