RS. 500 crore fund, demanded by surrendered fighters for survival

RS. 500 crore fund, demanded by surrendered fighters for survival

Agartala: Tripura United Indigenous People’s Council (TUIPC), the platform representing surrendered fighters in Tripura, has demanded a special central package of Rs 500 crore for proper rehabilitation of returnees.
As the state government have given words for the rehabilitation money.

TUIPC, a non-political front comprising various revolutionary groups like Tripura National Volunteers (TNV), National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) and All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF) met AK Mishra, Adviser on Northeast India in the ministry. Home Affairs (MHA), on November 22 to discuss the demands of returnees who have surrendered and rejoined society.
Ranjit Debbarma, adviser to TUIPC and MLA from Tipra Motha, the main opposition political party in Tripura, highlighted the unfulfilled commitments made under the 1993 agreement between the state, the central government and the ATTF.

“When we surrendered, the government sanctioned Rs 20,000 for house construction. However, many of us did not receive the full payment, leading to difficulties in constructing houses,” Debbarma explained.

“Under the TNV accord, three demands, including the construction of a radio station and the generation of employment, remain unfulfilled,” he said.

He further emphasized that surrendered returnees have not received the benefits declared by the state and central governments, claiming that approximately 600 returnees have not received any benefits.

“We have also requested the establishment of a model village for the rehabilitation of returnees and urged the initiation of employment generation initiatives, including providing vehicles,” Debbarma added.

“Additionally, we seek Rs 10,000 as social pension for returnees aged 50 and above. Hence, we have proposed a comprehensive package of Rs 500 crore,” he said.

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