Prof Oinam: For Manipur violence ‘Drug Mafia’ responsible

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New Delhi: A senior professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi has alleged that the drug mafia operating in Manipur is responsible for widespread violence in the state.

JNU professor Bhagat Oinam has alleged that the violence that rocked Manipur since May 3 was a “planned conspiracy”.
Prof. Oinam made these allegations while interacting with the media at a press conference organized by People’s Alliance for Peace and Progress Manipur and Delhi Manipuri Society in New Delhi.

The BJP government (in Manipur) took strict action against the drug mafia. That is the reason why the drug mafia became active in this incident and they have a major role in this violence in Manipur,” said Prof. Oinam.
He added: “The Kuki community fears that if the Metis are given ST status in Manipur, the Kukis will risk losing their jobs. This is another reason for the violence.”
He also alleged that people belonging to the Kuki community who had migrated illegally from Myanmar had also secured central jobs.

On Monday (08 May), Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh said more than 60 people were killed and 231 injured in the violence that rocked Manipur.
Moreover, in the ongoing violence in the state since May 3, 1700 houses were torched across Manipur.

The Manipur Chief Minister added that a high-level inquiry would be held to determine the responsibility of the individuals and groups who instigated the violence.

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