Private sector take over Pandu and Dhubri ports

Private sector take over Pandu and Dhubri ports

GUWAHATI: The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has said that the transfer of operations and management of Pandu and Dhubri ports to a private operator will increase cargo exports from Assam and the Northeast to Bangladesh and South Asia. Will be.
The model aims to increase cargo movement from 0.5 million MT to 3 million MT exports from Assam and Northeast.
“This new contract is expected to generate potential employment for at least 73,000 man-days every year during the contract period,” said a statement from the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI).
IWAI said that the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model will bring efficiency and consistency from the private operation and management contractor to bring cargo for export at both ports.
IWAI will provide necessary guidance for smooth movement to achieve its target of 3 million MT cargo from Dhubri and Pandu ports within two years before the current movement of 0.5 million MT cargo.
Operation and management of Pandu and Dhubri Terminals, both under the full control of IWAI, Government of India, by a private operator to enhance the efficiency of terminals and cargo movement on National Waterway-2 and Indo-Bangladesh Protocol. is being done at (IBP) pathways.
This model has proved useful in other ports such as GR Jetty in Kolkata and Haldia Terminal to improve port efficiency and open up trade opportunities in the region.
Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) Regional Director (Pandu), A. Selva Kumar said, “Let me first clarify that neither Pandu nor Dhubri ports have been privatised. We Only one specialist contractor has been engaged who will operate and manage the cargo from both ports.
The contractor was selected based on competitive national bidding through due process of law. Also, before tendering these terminals for operation and management, a detailed study was also carried out to decide the most appropriate and suitable transaction model.
“Several discussions were held with the stakeholders/local operators at Pandu and Dhubri as well as other locations. Based on the results of the discussions with the stakeholders/private operators, the process of awarding the terminal on operational and administrative basis was initiated. ,” They said.
IWAI says that the PPP model will bring global best practices which will open up huge potential for increasing trade in both Pandu and Dhubri ports. Various charges for loading and unloading of cargo were also decided in consultation with stakeholders and rates were fixed by IWAI.
These rates include advanced mechanical handling equipment to enhance the efficiency of loading and unloading of cargo at the terminals. The existing system will usher in a more transparent and professional logistics system,” said IWAI.

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