Police officer who killed Cherishterfield got death threat by HNLC

Police officer who killed Cherishterfield got death threat by HNLC

Shillong: The freedom seeking Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) has issued a death threat against the Meghalaya police officer responsible for the death of Cherishterfield Thangkhiew, the liberation outfit’s former general secretary.
The HNLC issued the threat while questioning the Meghalaya police, asking if the state police were claiming that the organisation’s former general secretary Cherishterfield Thangkhiew was still alive.
The suspicions stemmed from a statement by the Meghalaya Police Department which claimed that the arrested HNLC members were in touch with military commander Sanbor Pala.
The organization cited the report of a judicial inquiry headed by Justice (retd) TV Vaiphei, which allegedly quoted the Meghalaya Police as saying that Cherishterfield Thangkhiew and Sanbor Pala are one and the same.
In a statement, HNLC General Secretary-cum-Publicity Secretary, Sainkupar Nongtraw, expressed surprise at the police department’s inconsistencies regarding the audio recording of alleged conversations between arrested HNLC suspects and Sanbor Pala.

Nongtraw questioned whether the police now suggest that Thangkhiew might still be alive and criticized the Meghalaya police for targeting individuals suspected of being Sanbor Pala without concrete evidence.

Regarding Thangkhiew’s death, Nongtraw alleged a politically motivated conspiracy involving certain ministers within the Meghalaya government, as per the 2022 judicial report.

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