PM Modi took ‘Maun Vrat’ on Manipur,says MP Gaurav Gogoi

PM Modi took 'Maun Vrat' on Manipur,says MP Gaurav Gogoi

Imphal: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi started the debate on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha in place of Rahul Gandhi.

Raising the issue of the Manipur crisis, the Congress MP said that PM Modi had taken a ‘Maun Vrat’ to not speak in Parliament, so the INDIA alliance had to move a ‘no-confidence motion’ to break its silence.
Apart from this, Gogoi also asked PM Modi three questions as to why it took more than 80 days for him to break his silence on the Manipur crisis.
Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi says, “PM took a ‘Maun vrat’ to not speak in the Parliament. So, we had to bring the No Confidence Motion to break his silence. We have three questions for him – 1) Why did he not visit Manipur to date? 2) Why did it take almost 80 days to finally speak in Manipur and when he did speak it was just for 30 seconds? 3) Why has the PM not sacked the Manipur CM so far?”
Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi also alleged that PM Modi will have to accept that his twin-engine government and the state government in Manipur have failed.
“Our demand was clear that PM Modi, as the head of the country, comes to the House, expresses sympathy, and all parties support him, and Manipur gets the message that Parliament is at this time of crisis. with them.” Congress MP said.

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