PM Modi, JP Nadda effigies burnt by Eastern Naga students union

PM Modi, JP Nadda effigies burnt by Eastern Naga students union

Kohima: In a bold show of frustration, the Eastern Nagaland Students Federation (ENSF) took to the streets of Tuensang on Wednesday to express their displeasure over the Indian government’s failure to address the demands of the Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT).
Effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president JP Nadda were burnt during the protest.
Addressing the gathering, ENSF President Chingmak Chang highlighted the frustration of Eastern Nagas over the non-fulfillment of promises made by the Centre.
He specifically referred to the assurances given by Amit Shah ahead of last year’s state elections, promising executive, legislative and fiscal autonomy for the eastern Nagas within 75 days.
Despite the lack of progress on these promises a year later, Chang emphasized that the burning of effigies served as a symbolic expression of the Eastern Nagas’ displeasure.
Chang said the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) was determined to continue protesting until their demands were met. Protesters echoed their displeasure by chanting “Modi Sarkar Murdabad” (against the Modi government) and “We want FNT”.
A day before the protest, the ENSF and its federal units issued instructions to Rajya Sabha MP S Phangan Konyak and 20 other legislators from eastern Nagaland to assemble at the Tonsang headquarters by 6 pm on March 14.
Additionally, officials of frontal organizations, tribal organizations and ENPOs stationed in Teunsang were directed to remain in Teunsang until the arrival of parliamentarians and elected representatives.
The move comes amid a declared state of public emergency across the region, prompted by the government of India’s long delay in resolving the FNT proposal through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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