PM Hasina opens Bangladesh’s longest bridge as symbol of pride

PM Hasina opens Bangladesh’s longest bridge as symbol of pride

The 6.15-km-long street rail four-path span is worked over the Padma waterway associating southwestern Bangladesh with the capital and different pieces of the country.

Dhaka: The landmark Padma Bridge is not a pile of brick and cement but a symbol of Bangladesh’s pride, capacity, and dignity, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Saturday as she inaugurated the country’s longest bridge entirely built with domestic funding.

The 6.15-km-long road-rail four-lane bridge is built over the Padma river connecting southwestern Bangladesh with the capital and other parts of the country.

The multipurpose street rail span, which is completely supported by the Bangladesh government, has been built at the expense of USD 3.6 billion.

The initiation of the Padma span conveys a ton of importance as the design was constructed totally with homegrown supporting, challenging wariness from a few monetary examiners if Bangladesh, which will include just alumni from the UN’s Least Developed Countries (LDC) list in 2026, could prepare the asset relying upon homegrown assets.

Hasina offered profound thanks to individuals associated with the development of the Padma span.

“I have no bad things to say against anybody, however, I figure the people who went against the Padma Bridge development plan and called it an ‘unrealistic fantasy’, need fearlessness. I trust this extension will support their certainty,” the state head said.

“This scaffold isn’t simply blocks, concrete, iron, and substantial This extension is our pride, an image of our ability, solidarity, and respect. This scaffold has a place with individuals of Bangladesh,” she said.

The scaffold has a place with individuals from Bangladesh. She said it epitomizes our enthusiasm, innovativeness, boldness, perseverance, and tirelessness.

She said the much-esteemed span remains on the tempestuous Padma River beating numerous snags and breaking the trap of connivance.

Today, I am blissful, pleased, and overpowered alongside a large number of individuals of the nation, said Hasina.

The Padma Bridge project saw a few design marvels as well as innovative difficulties. It arose as the marvel structure for Bangladesh and saw the utilization of cutting-edge hardware and ability.

The task was at first expected to be supported by a consortium driven by the World Bank.

In 2012, it dropped the proposed credit saying it had believable proof of significant level debasement among Bangladeshi authorities.

Bangladesh has generally through denied these claims and avoided the chance to move toward the worldwide loan specialist for subsidizing.

In the interim, India has complemented the Bangladesh government on the fruition of the enormous undertaking.

“Felicitations to Government and individuals of Bangladesh on finishing of the milestone Padma Bridge project, from India!” the Indian High tweeted in front of the introduction.

“The fruition of this hotly anticipated project is a declaration to the gutsy choices and far-located administration of HE Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. This achievement justified the Prime Minister’s choices and furthermore our conviction…, as communicated through our enduring help when Bangladesh chose to continue with the venture alone,” the Indian High Commission said in a proclamation.

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