“Plastic eggs” ring alarm bells in a market in Arunachal Pradesh’s western Siang district.


Itanagar: “Plastic eggs” ring alarm bells in a market in Arunachal Pradesh’s western Siang district. The Potato Old Market Committee (AOBC) has lodged a complaint with the Deputy Commissioner of West Siang, seeking an inquiry into the alleged sale of “artificial / plastic eggs” in potatoes at the West Siang district headquarters. The committee on Wednesday confiscated about 50 cartons of artificial / plastic eggs from various shops in the Old Market, following verbal complaints from several consumers, according to a complaint filed by AOBC general secretary Bogam Zirdo.
Zero said in its complaint letter that several cartons of plastic / artificial eggs have been provided to the army, police, schools, hostels, hotels, restaurants and other institutions in the last two to three days.

“Eggs are not suitable for human consumption and can lead to serious health problems,” Zirdo said, urging the deputy commissioner to look into the matter.

“We inspected the eggs at several Old Market shops. Since we could not tell the difference with our naked eyes, we decided to send the eggs to Etna Nagar for lab tests,” said Riram.
The police team also included Magistrate Maryam Carlo, Food Safety Officers Dr de Bagra and Legal Meteorology Inspector J Combo during the inspection.
Riram said that at present there are two suppliers, one from Andhra Pradesh and the other from Punjab, who supply eggs to the potato markets.

“We have instructed the distributors to suspend the supply of eggs until we receive the lab test reports,” Riram said.

According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), no technology or chemical is available to complete the preparation of whole eggs.

The FSSAI also claims that this process is not economically viable because common eggs are available in large quantities and at affordable prices.

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