Petroleum strike across Northeast, no sale from 31 march to April 1

Petroleum strike across Northeast, no sale from 31 march to April 1

Guwahati: The North East India Petroleum Dealers Association (NEIPDA) (GGU) has called for ‘no purchase no sale’ from 5 am on March 30 to 5 am on April 1, citing commission hike and other unresolved issues. A bandh has been announced across North East.
NEIPDA (GGU) Vice President, Kabindra Ojha told media that despite stable commission rates, the rising cost of running Retail Outlets (RO) has made it difficult for dealers to do their jobs for more than seven years. It’s getting harder to keep up.
The decision was taken during a general meeting held at Uzan Bazar on March 28, where members discussed complaints regarding lack of revision in dealer commission since 2017.
In a letter to all oil companies, NEIPDA (GGU) expressed disappointment that their concerns have not been answered, despite reaching them on February 3.
The association emphasized that the strike was aimed at drawing attention to the rights of dealers and the need to redress their grievances.

“The above Protest Closure is with reference to the non-enhancement and/or non-revision in the Dealers Commission since the year 2017 and other demands and violation of the rights of the Dealer as reflected in the letter addressed to all Oil Companies though the expenses incurred in running the RO has escalated manifold, for which it has become extremely difficult for the Dealers to continue the Trade,” NEIPDA (GGU) stated in the letter.

“Be it mentioned here that the issue had been taken up with the Oil Companies vide our letter dated February 3 without any response from their end. As such we hereby intimate all Electronic and Print Media regarding the Protest Closure of No Purchase No Sale from 5:00 AM on March 30 to 5:00 AM on April 1,” the letter further added.

The association has also notified electronic and print media outlets about the protest closure period to ensure widespread awareness of their stance and demands.

The protest closure signifies the escalating tensions between petroleum dealers and oil companies over issues of commission rates and operational expenses, underscoring the urgent need for dialogue and resolution.

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