People are taking shelter along the Indo-Bangla border in Cachar to escape the floods.


Silchar: Many people have started fleeing their homes to safer places after several areas were inundated due to heavy rains in the last 48 hours in Katigorah assembly constituency of Cachar district in southern Assam.

Since Tuesday, about 100 families have taken refuge in tents on the Indo-Bangladesh international border. Areas near the border where people live include Borbond, Kinnarkhal, Hari Nagar and Aatnami.
These areas are within 8-15 km from Kati Gowda Police Station. Due to overcrowding in relief camps and accumulation of water in and around a few camps, people are being forced to look for safe havens. Areas along the Indo-Bangladesh border, which are more secure than other low-lying areas of Katigorah, seem a viable option, at least for now.

Many areas were flooded by the Barak River on Wednesday and Thursday, causing panic among the people. With river water swallowing up one area after another, residents had no choice but to leave their shelters and look for other places to live.
Eventually they moved to areas near the international border and set up tents. Residents, who sought help from the BSF to set up their tents, appealed to the authorities to provide them with food and water and help them through this difficult time.

Sources said that the tendency of the people of Katigorahto move to safer places as soon as possible is probably due to the untimely death of two residents (including a child and a woman) who died in the recent floods.
A group of residents of a village in western Katigorahsaid on Thursday that this year’s flood situation was reminiscent of the 2004 floods, which wreaked havoc in Assam and the Barak Valley.

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