Over uncontrolled illegal coal mining, Ex-MLA Rophul files an FIR

Over uncontrolled illegal coal mining, Ex-MLA Rophul files an FIR

Tura: The ongoing issue of illegal coal mining in the South Garo Hills is resurfacing, gaining attention through a recent FIR filed by Rophul S. Marak, former MLA of Rongara-Siju.

The FIR was registered with the designated officer at Nongalbibra police station on Wednesday.
According to the FIR, the illegally mined fresh coal is being transported and dumped in Nongalbibra, Jadigittim, Garegittim, Daramngdura, and nearby areas. This is happening despite a complete ban on activities in Meghalaya by the High Court and the Supreme Court.

“Currently, there is a PIL No 2 of 2022 and other PILs pending in the High Court of Meghalaya regarding illegal coal mining and transportation in the entire state of Meghalaya. However, despite the pending cases, there is no respite or stopping of illegal coal mining and transportation, especially at Nongalbibra and its adjoining areas,” Marak said in the FIR.

In the FIR, Marak urged the department to register the complaint, investigate the matter, and take appropriate action against those involved in the illegal activity.

According to Marak, a separate FIR on the matter was also filed on the same day by the Nokma of Garegittim A’king under Nongalbibra at the same police station.

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