Over DMK leader remarks on Nagas are dog eaters, Ex-Guv slams

Over DMK leader remarks on Nagas are dog eaters, Ex-Guv slams

KOHIMA: Tamil Nadu governor RN Ravi, who was also the governor of the Northeast state of Nagaland, has slammed DMK leader RS Bharathi for his remarks that allegedly referred to people of the Naga community as “dog eaters”.

The DMK leader had said: “The governor was chased away by the Nagas from their land. Those who eat dog meat could chase the governor out of the state. So, we must not forget how much more self-respect Tamils who eat their food with salt have.”

The DMK leader made this statement while taking a dig at Tamil Nadu governor RN Ravi for allegedly creating trouble and delaying bills.

Slamming the DMK leader for his “dog-eaters” remark on Naga community, RN Ravi said that the statement was “scurrilous and unacceptable”.

Nagas are brave, honest and dignified people. Thiru RS Bharathi, a senior DMK leader, publicly insulting them as ‘Dog eaters’ is scurrilous and unacceptable,” Ravi said.

He added: “I urge Mr Bharathi not to hurt a community of which the whole of India is proud.”

It may be mentioned here that RN Ravi, who was the interlocutor of the Naga peace process, had served as the Nagaland governor between 2019 and 2021.

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