Over Christian forum election code breach, show-cause note issued

Over Christian forum election code breach, show-cause note issued

Itanagar: The Chief Election Officer of Arunachal Pradesh has taken action against members of the Arunachal Christian Forum and CMC (CEA), which has issued a show-cause notice for allegedly violating the Model Code of Conduct.
The notices were issued due to allegations that these members were encouraging voters to support Congress candidates who are Christian.
In a notification dated March 26, 2024 and an appeal dated April 1, 2024, which circulated on social media platforms, the ACF and PCFC was found to be supportinge two MP candidates, Nabam Tuki for Arunachal West Parliamentary Constituency and Arunachal K. For Shri Bosiram for Eastern Parliamentary Constituency, for the upcoming general elections of 2024.
They were urging all members of ACF and PCFC to actively participate in ensuring the victory of the said candidates.
However, the Chief Election Officer referred to the Religious Institutions (Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1988, which prohibits religious institutions or their administrators from using the premises under their control to advertise or promote any political activity.
The notices issued are considered to be in contravention of this Act and the guidelines of the Election Commission of India relating to the Model Code of Conduct.

Consequently, the recipients of the notices are directed to provide a clarification or show cause for conducting such political propaganda under the banner of a religious institution/organization.

They have been given a deadline of three days from the date of issuance of the notice to respond. Failure to do so will result in necessary legal action being initiated against them as per the provisions of the law.

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