Over Aditya Bhumij murder, Ledo ITI students seek strict trial

Over Aditya Bhumij murder, Ledo ITI students seek strict trial

Guwahati: The brutal murder of Aditya Bhumij, a student from Ledo ITI, has sparked outrage and demands for justice among the local community and fellow students. On Wednesday, over 500 local residents from Purana Line Namdang Tea Estate and students from Ledo ITI gathered at the Margherita police station, seeking stringent action against the perpetrators.

Aditya Bhumij, 20, was found dead near the McLeod Russell Company Namdang Tea Estate on the night of June 1st. According to his colleagues, Aditya was a loyal friend, and his death is a significant loss.

The community demands that the three accused—Albert Chetry, Dev Paik, and Gaurav Kumar—face either capital punishment or life imprisonment to ensure justice is served.

The Margherita police, led by Officer-in-Charge Protap Gogoi, have arrested the three suspects in connection with the murder. The tragic event unfolded when Aditya left his home around 8:00 pm after being called by his friends, Pranjal Jyoti Sharma and Ujjal Sonowal.

The group was reportedly drinking in the garden when an altercation with Chetry, Paik, and Kumar occurred. While Sharma and Sonowal managed to escape, Aditya was attacked with stones and a machete.

Aditya’s mother expressed deep anguish over her son’s murder, claiming he was forcibly taken from their home. Local resident Ajay Tanti has urged the Margherita sub-divisional administration and police to take immediate action to ensure justice.
The case has drawn attention to the increasing issue of drug use and other intoxicants among the youth in the Margherita sub-division, contributing to rising crime rates. Aditya’s body was sent to Tinsukia for a postmortem and returned on Sunday night for his last rites.

The police continue to interrogate Sharma and Sonowal to gather more details about the incident.

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