Orang bids farewell to Bubbly, K9 squad member who tracked down poachers


Babli, a member of the Elite Anti-Poaching K9 Dog Squad who helped forest officials hunt Aurangzeb hunters, died on June 15.

Babli, who has been stationed in Assam’s Aurang National Park since August 11, 2018, was a valued frontline staff member of Aaranyak . During his association with Aaranyak K9 Dog Squad since 2014, he has been instrumental in promoting anti-poaching measures at Aurangzeb National Park and Tiger Reserve, which boasts a treasure trove of one-horned rhinos.
“We, the entire Aaranyak family, are deeply saddened by the loss of Bubbly, a trained member of our Elite K9 Unit deployed to assist in the fight against poaching in Aurangzeb National Park. At 8.40 am, he breathed his last due to illness, ”said Dr. Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aaranyak .

Bubbly’s contribution to the overall efforts of government agencies to totally reduce wildlife crime in Aurangzeb National Park will always be appreciated. He added.
“They were brought in to join AaranyakK9 unit in 2014. During the last hours, our K9 team was with him, CEO, Dr. Bebh Kumar Talqdar,” said an Aaranyak official.

Prevention or testing of poaching, which is difficult to achieve, is key to the success of wildlife conservation efforts. It has been tested globally that the ideal punishment for poachers / perpetrators can prevent poaching.
However, it is difficult to persuade the court of law to give exemplary punishment to the accused poachers under the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act as the court seeks very credible evidence.

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