Opposition party Tipra Motha joins BJP-led NDA after tripartite pact

Opposition party Tipra Motha joins BJP-led NDA after tripartite pact

Agartala: Weeks after the signing of the tripartite agreement on the ‘Constitutional Solution’ for the indigenous people of Tripura, the principal opposition political party of Tripura, Tipra Motha, joined the BJP-led Tripura government with the induction of two MLAs from the opposition party into the state cabinet on Thursday.

Two MLAs, including opposition leader Animesh Debbarma and MLA Brishaketu Debbarma, formally took the oath as ministers on Thursday.

Tripura Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu administered the oath-taking ceremony at Raj Bhavan this morning.

Prior to taking oath this morning, Animesh tendered his resignation as leader of oppostion before the Speaker of Tripura Legislative Assembly Biswabandhu Sen.

Speaking after the oath-taking ceremony, Animesh said that his only agenda is to solve the problems of the common people and stated that their core demand for Greater Tipraland will continue.

“It is a tough job for me as I have never been a minister before but have observed how ministers work. After taking charge as a minister, I will now start working. Some people become ministers after serving as MLAs, while some become ministers all of a sudden. Our core demand for Greater Tipraland will continue, but it is not possible in one day. The party will decide. Whatever the government instructs, the minister will do it,” he said.

When asked about his role as a minister, considering he served as the Leader of Opposition, Animesh mentioned that his plan is to solve people’s problems. “People are suffering from issues such as food, roads, water, etc., so my agenda will be to solve all of this.”

However, he declined to comment on his statement at the Tripura Legislative Assembly where he criticized the Tripura Budget 2024-25.

Later, Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha stated that soon the people will be informed about which departments will be allocated to the newly inducted ministers.

“After returning to the state, I will decide which department each minister will be assigned. We, both tribal and non-tribal, are together and working to make Tripura Srestha Tripura. For that purpose, two ministers took the oath,” he said.

Dr. Saha further mentioned that no decision has been taken regarding the candidate selection for contesting from the East Tripura Assembly.

The tripartite agreement was signed in between Tipra Motha, Government of India and Tripura at New Delhi on March 2, 2024.

Under the pact, it was agreed to amicably resolve all issues of indigenous people of Tripura relating to history, land and political rights, economic development, identity, culture and language. Along with this, it was agreed to constitute a Joint Working Group/Committee to work out and implement the mutually agreed points on all the above mentioned issues in a time-bound manner to ensure an honourable solution. In order to maintain a conducive atmosphere for implementation of the pact, all stakeholders shall refrain from resorting to any form of protest/agitation, starting from the day of signing of the agreement.

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