Opposition argues Was PM Modi waiting for viral video to surface

Opposition argues Was PM Modi waiting for viral video to surface

Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s selective response to just one isolated incident, an alleged video showing two women parading naked, 10 opposition political parties in Manipur have asked if Prime Minister Narendra Modi was waiting for the viral video to speak.
He said that violence has been increasing in Manipur since May 3, but PM Modi waited for more than 70 days to break his silence.
Now Manipur is in worse condition and everyone is tensed. Today, before the Parliament session, the Prime Minister broke his silence on Manipur, that too in a viral video and it is shocking, 10 opposition political parties said.
10 like-minded opposition political parties in Manipur joined and held a press meet on Thursday at the Manipur Press Club, Imphal regarding the Prime Minister’s first comment on the Manipur violence.
The 10 opposition parties present at the press meet included CPI(M), CPI, JDU, AIFB, SS(UBT), AAP, RSP, TMC, and MPCC.
Janata Dal United (JD-U) national executive member Nimaichand Luwang, representing all 10 opposition political parties, expressed dismay at the Prime Minister’s selective response.
He emphasized that while the viral video needs to be condemned, there can be other shocking incidents that need immediate attention and action.
The incident took place on May 4 and was reported to Saikol police station on May 18, but no immediate action was taken, he said, pointing out that the complaint was not transferred to Nongpok Sekmai police station until June 21.
He added that it was only on July 20 that the Prime Minister finally broke his silence by promising to punish the culprits, which was later echoed by Chief Minister N Biren, who advocated the death penalty.
Nimaichand also questioned the chief minister’s authority to announce such harsh punishments and urged him to focus on a thorough investigation instead.
“What was he doing since May 18. Manipur has become a lawless state”, said Nimaichand, adding that the Chief Minister is fully responsible for everything that happens in Manipur.
The 10 opposition parties demanded an urgent assembly session in Manipur to discuss measures to restore peace and normalcy.
He stressed the importance of a ceasefire to pave the way for reconciliation and rehabilitation efforts.
The parties further criticized the BJP MLAs for not actively addressing the issue and instead engaged in gestures like distribution of rice and money.
He also attributed the violence in Manipur to the incompetence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Chief Minister N Biren, holding them responsible for the current situation in the region.
In the end, the 10 opposition parties vowed that they will not remain silent until a comprehensive solution to the ongoing crisis in Manipur is found. He demanded the government to take action as soon as possible and restore peace in the state as soon as possible.

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