On World UFO Day, a look at UFO ‘sightings’ in Northeast


On World UFO Day, a look at UFO ‘sightings’ in Northeast . Is there a problem that divides nerds, conspiracy theorists, scientists and the general public like the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) problem? maybe not. Each of us has our own opinion on this subject, yet we are unlikely to reach a consensus.

Any observed aerial event that cannot be quickly identified or described is called an UFO. Only a small fraction of UFOs remain unclear after the inquiry, with the majority recognizing them as known objects or environmental phenomena.
However, as we will focus on World UFO Day, we will focus on Northeast India with a special focus on them, which have not been explained to date.

World UFO Day: Northeast

One of the most popular conspiracy theories about the CIA involves the study of crashed UFOs and alien autopsies. The spy agency has kept a close eye on reports of flying saucers on India and its neighbors.


According to an April 1968 report, which was recently shared online by the Central Intelligence Agency.  Six UFO sightings were reported in Ladakh, Sikkim (now a protected area of ​​India), Bhutan and Nepal in the previous months.

The CIA report of April 11, 1968, provides the date, local time and exact location of the UFO collision in the regions. On March 25, and in the evening of February 19, 1968, in Sikkim.

The Sikkim UFO was “seen flying from southeast to northwest at Lachung, Lachin, Thango, Mugothang and Chholamu.” After seeing the thing, “Chholamu heard a thunderclap.”

World UFO Day: Northeast

Arunachal Pradesh

In 2012, troops stationed in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, and northeastern Arunachal Pradesh recorded more than 100 “Unidentified Flying Objects” (UFO) sightings.

To verify the object’s identity, the military also moved a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyzer. However, the devices were unable to identify the object being followed visually, indicating that it was non-metallic. Army officials expressed concern about the agencies’ failure to identify the device, which some speculated could be Chinese spy gear.

Imphal, the capital of Manipur, became the subject of several UFO sighting reports in October 2018. The boys of a dormitory for students in the city’s Mantri Pokhari area claimed to have seen a strange disk-shaped object. Click here to watch the video.

About three months after the news went viral, the center responded to reports of UFO sightings.

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