On Siang river Arunachal groups protest against mega Dam

On Siang river Arunachal groups protest against mega Dam

Dibrugarh: As the region awaits the commissioning of the Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Project in Arunachal Pradesh, several organizations have raised their voices against the construction of mega dams in the state.

A peaceful rally was taken out at Dite-Dime in Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh on Thursday by the All Adi Welfare Society (AAWS) Youth Wing (Apex), AAWS Youth Wing Upper Siang District Unit, AAWS YW Siang District Unit.

In collaboration with other organizations, against the proposed mega dam on the Ane (Mother) Siang river in Siang and Upper Siang districts.

Protesters shouted slogans against the construction of mega dams, stating that it would have a devastating impact on the ecology of the Siang river system and the state.

They also passed resolutions demanding that the dam be scrapped.

“No dam in Siang. No dam means no dam. We do not need temporary solutions in the name of permanent displacement. We do not need dams in the name of development,” said one of the leaders.

“Thousands of people would be affected downstream,” he added.

The protest was attended by former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Gegong Apang, former ministers Tapang Taloh and T. Tatak, former MLA Olom Panyang, dynamic public leader Oni Panyang, former Chief Engineer Anong Perme, AAWS president Dr. Takeng Taggu, secretary General Allek Perme, Siang Indigenous Farmers’ Forum (SIFF) President Gegong Jijong, General Secretary Dunggo Libang, spokesperson Tasik Pangkam, Chief Advisor Anong Jongkey, and AAWS Upper Siang District Unit General Secretary Zing Boko.

The organizations called on the state government to abandon the dam project and work towards sustainable development that does not harm the environment or displace people.


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