On Seng Kut Snem, Khasi Students’ Union calls for public holiday

On Seng Kut Snem, Khasi Students' Union calls for public holiday

Shillong: In a move to uphold the sanctity of Seng Kut Snem, the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) on Thursday announced the closure of banks, offices and institutions across Meghalaya, saying they violated government orders. Condemned because it is an important one. A day for a Khasi community.
Seng Kut Snem, is an annual festival celebrated by the Khasi people, which marks the preservation and display of their rich cultural traditions.
On the eve of the Khasi New Year, the celebration on November 23 this year holds special significance as the Khasi community showcases and honors its cultural heritage.

Apart from banks, offices, and institutions, the KSU closed down a post office in Mairang, located in the Eastern West Khasi Hills.

Furthermore, they urged the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda and Homeopathy (NEIAH) to adhere to the holiday and temporarily close their doors.

Lambokstar Marngar, the president of KSU, expressed concern about the alleged recurring issue of institutions operating on holidays designated by the state government.

Marngar highlighted that similar defiance occurred during other indigenous festivals and events, including Shad Nongkrem, Shad Suk Mynsiem, U Tirot Singh Day, U Kiang Nangbah Day, and U Soso Tham Day.

“The message from the union is clear, and it is high time for the state government to take decisive action,” declared Marngar in an interview with Shillong Times on Thursday.

The KSU called upon the government to issue a robust directive and notification compelling all institutions to comply with orders and respect the sentiments of the indigenous people.

They emphasized the need for a collective effort to safeguard and promote the cultural heritage of the Khasi community.

On the occasion of Seng Kut Snem, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma in a message shared on his official social media account, acknowledged the significance of Seng Kut Snem.

He stated, “‘Seng Kut Snem’ celebrates the Seng Khasi Movement and the efforts of the Seng Khasi to preserve, protect & uphold indigenous Khasi faith & culture.

On its 124th foundation day, I extend my best wishes to the citizens of Meghalaya.”

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