Speaking to the media at the Manipur Press Club in Majorkhul, JAC co-convenor Leimapokpam Nganbi questioned if the authorities had handed over the murder case to NIA as assured.

“The JAC and family claimed the body of the deceased following the state government’s assurance that the case would be handed over to NIA but it has been more than six months since the incident and the government has not uttered a single word on the case,” she said.

She cautioned authorities concerned that the JAC along with the people would carry out a series of agitation if they failed to update the case status by August 30.

Meanwhile, the mother of Nonganba Ak Shantibala expressed discontentment over the government’s handling of the case and maintained that she had lost all hope of justice for the case from the state’s Home Department.

“We have not demanded any sort of compensation for the incident; we just want truth and justice to prevail in the case but the silent and lethargic nature of the authorities in handling the case makes us worry,’ she said.

She demanded authorities to hand over the case to the NIA and catch the culprits involved in the murder.