On Moreh shootout Kuki Inpi slams govt, ask withdraw Meitei forces

On Moreh shootout Kuki Inpi slams govt, ask withdraw Meitei forces

Imphal: Kuki Inpi Manipur, the apex body of accused Kuki tribesman Biren Singh, led the Manipur government’s arrogance in sparking a “retaliatory firing” between Kuki-Zo village volunteers and Manipur police commandos in the border town of Moreh today.
“Biren Singh’s arrogance forced the Manipur government to withdraw state forces from Moreh and the indiscriminate use of brute force by the Meitei police commandos in Moreh provoked a retaliatory fire between the volunteers of Kuki-Zo village and the Meitei police commandos. g” Kim said.
KIM’s Information and Publicity Secretary, Janghaolun Haokip, said the shooting in Moreh had led to widespread public unrest in the border town, raising serious concerns for the safety and security of the Kuki-Zo community.
He continued that the incident confirmed the lingering suspicions of the local people who were deeply apprehensive about the presence of Meitei police commandos in the town while adding that the local people were seen as a serious threat to the collective welfare of the people.
But Meitei police commandos were afraid.
Especially at a time when the state is completely divided along ethnic lines with rampant animosity and a complete failure of the state’s law enforcement agencies.
He recalled that Kuki Inpi Manipur has also repeatedly appealed to the Government of India to withdraw the police commandos from Moreh to prevent any untoward incident against the minority Kuki Zo community.
He also said that the deployment of Meitei police commandos despite strong opposition from the local people is a clear proof of the Manipur government’s collusion and abuse of its power and position in persecuting the people of Kuk-Zo.
“The Meitei-led state government has clearly insulted the sentiments of the people of Kuki-zo and their pride and dignity as a community,” he added.
He also said that the deployment of Meitei police commandos in Moreh shows the arrogance of the state leadership against every reasonable argument to further increase its enmity and aggression against the people of Kuki-Zo.
He also pointed out that the destruction of law and order in the state as well as the misuse of state machinery and agencies is of grave concern.
Therefore, Koki-Inpi Manipur strongly condemns the unnecessary deployment of Meitei Police Commandos in Moreh and the resulting severe physical, mental and emotional harm to the people, posing a serious threat to their safety and security. is also included.
He also said that the open deployment of state forces in merciless attacks against the lives and property of the people of Kuki-Zo is senseless and highly condemnable.
Haokip added that, in fact, such undue use of state forces against the minority Kuki-Zo community only showed disrespect for law and order under the Constitution of India.
Therefore, Kuki Inpi Manipur reiterates our demand for immediate recall of Meitei police commandos from Mora, he added.
He also said that if this is not done, the people of Kuki-Zo will take any protest to protect our identity and the integrity of our land, while taking full responsibility for any untoward incident and public disturbance. Government of Manipur will be responsible.

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