OIL Cyber ​​Attack: IB officials, two and central agencies launched an investigation.


Tansukia: A two-member team of the Intelligence Bureau and the Cyber Cell of Assam Police have launched an independent investigation into the “cyber attack” of ransomware at the Oil India Limited’s workstation in Duliajan, a day later. ۔ Central agencies landed in Dibrugarh on Thursday.

Officials from the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) and the Computer Emergency Response Team – India (CERT-IN) have reportedly reached the OIL headquarters and launched their own investigation.

On April 10, PSU giant suffered a “major” cyber attack that forced OIL to remove all its computers from LAN connectivity and disable Internet connectivity, causing huge financial losses as IT Business has been severely affected. Two days later, OIL’s IT department received a نو 7.5 million ransom note on one of the affected computers.

Confirming the progress, an OIL source said the IB team, in addition to questioning department officials, seized one of the infected computers from Oil India Limited’s Geology and Reservoir (GR) department.

“Preliminary results are yet to come,” the source added. “They are looking beyond the ransom and trying to find out if there is any similarity in the recent attack on the power grid facility near Ladakh.”

Meanwhile, NCIPC and CERT-IN officials have launched their own independent investigations to identify the country from which the cyber attack took place and OIL’s data has been secured. “International hackers are believed to be behind the cyber attack, which has been identified as ransomware,” another source added.

Earlier, OIL had lodged a police complaint with Duliajan police alleging that a preliminary investigation had revealed that OIL’s network, server and client PCs were facing network outages.

“It has also come to our notice that the cyber attacker has demanded a ransom of US 75 750,000 through a note from one of the affected PCs,” the FIR read. The case has been registered. 66 / 66F IT Act.

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