NSF says call for Nagas by blood is beyond ULB elections

NSF says call for Nagas by blood is beyond ULB elections

Kohima: A day after its public appeal for indigenous representation in the upcoming urban local bodies (ULBs) elections, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today stated that its position goes beyond the current Nagaland Municipal Act to protect and safeguard the Naga identity of the Nagaland State.

Addressing media personnel at its office at Naga Solidarity Park, NSF officials reiterated its firm ‘Nagas by blood and not adoption’ stance while advocating for indigenous representation in the upcoming civic polls.

While some confusion has been created among the public regarding its stand, Chumben Khuvung, General Secretary, clarified that as the ULB elections are reserved and confined within the Nagaland State, as per its stance, even Naga women married to Nagas of Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, or Burma are not applicable for this election.

He also stated that as per its stance for this election, adoptive candidates are not applicable for the election, which extends to women married to non-locals and their offspring as well.

Khuvung also asserted that the Federation has nothing to do with Indian elections; neither bias nor to dictate any individuals, however with regard to the ULB election, he stated: “We are here only to protect the rights and interest of Naga indigenous.”

He also informed that it has appealed the apex tribal hohos to streamline to protect the rights and interest of the Naga indigenous people and expressed full faith and confidence in the Naga elders.

“They have the wisdom and knowledge to discern and unite the Nagas.”

NSF Secretary Publicity & Information Pithungo Shitio also noted the Federation was informed about the candidature of such candidates against the principles and objectives of the NSF in some districts, particularly Dimapur and Kohima.

While the public is confused with certain provisions under the Nagaland Municipal Act, he maintained that the advocacy of the Federation is very clear adding: “We are talking beyond Nagaland Municipal Act today to protect the Naga identity of the Nagaland State. We are talking about Naga individuals of Nagaland state.”

He claimed that following its public appeal made, several individuals have refrained from contesting in the election.

Iterating the Federation’s stand for indigenous representation wherein it is advocating for ‘Nagas by blood and not adoption’, NSF Mteisuding, Vice President, said that it wants to protect the culture, values, traditions, and socio-political rights of the Naga people.

On this line, he said, the NSF issued press statements on May 11 followed by another on June 11.

Asserting its steadfast commitment to advocate for Naga rights, NSF officials said the decision lies in the wisdom of the public on whether or not to safeguard the interest of the Nagas and its identity.

“The wisdom of the Nagas will prevail” it stated, while adding that it can only appeal and advocate and urged all Nagas to unite and extend its support to this call to safeguard the interest of the Nagas of Nagaland.

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