NSCN(IM) show concern over capturing AR troops, no arms snatch

Nagaland: Demand of NSCN to release all Naga political prisoners

Nagaland:The NSCN (IM) has communicated lament over the January 27 occurrence among it and the Assam Rifles at a spot close to its General Field Training Base camp.

Expressing that the episode occurred when the 25th Assam Rifles verged on “disregarding the harmony inside a kilometer sweep”, the NSCN said in a delivery that, in any case, the matter was in light of a legitimate concern for the current truce. Keeping was agreeably settled.

He explained that there was no endeavor to hold onto arms from one or the other side and the two sides consented to head out in different directions calmly with a shared handshake.
The NSCN communicated lament that video clasps of the occurrence were taken and transferred via virtual entertainment without the information or endorsement of it and the Naga Armed force.

NSCN and Naga Armed force apologized in the interest of the blundering people who transferred the recordings via virtual entertainment.
Expressing that it stayed focused on the truce endorsed in 1997, the NSCN said it trusted that both the Naga Armed force and the Indian Military would regard the soul of the guidelines of truce later on. The miserable episode won’t repeat.

31 staff of 25 Assam Rifles posted in Jaluki area of Nagaland were supposedly caught by extremist gatherings on January 27 and later delivered.
Sources additionally said that the Assam Rifles staff were saved at their central command for three to four hours by an extraordinary group of the Naga guerilla bunch NSCN (IM) after they entered the Naga Armed force camp region around 2:30 pm on January 27.

Afterward, in the soul of the truce, all the captured work force of the Assam Rifles were securely delivered with a severe advance notice, not to reemerge their domain.
“A few watches of the Assam Rifles were out for periods going from 72 hours to 96 hours regarding Republic Day, after one such watch finished the relegated responsibility,” a source said on state of secrecy. Enjoyed some time off at Intanki returning. Public Park 27 January 23 around 4.00 PM. Throughout the break, a watch of Assam Rifles spotted NSCN-IM units progressing on a similar course and a minor conflict occurred between the different sides, guaranteed that the episode didn’t heighten further and the watch head of the Assam Rifles chose to pull out his soldiers. The whole episode went on for around 40 minutes.”

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