NSCN-K warns LGBTQ groups to leave Nagaland within three days

NSCN-K warns LGBTQ groups to leave Nagaland within three days

Kohima: A Christian militant group called the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) or Niki has set a three-day deadline for non-indigenous people promoting and encouraging the LGBTQ community, calling them Non locals.
Niki is one of the 18 organizations outlawed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.
The NSCN-K on Monday (March 4) released the deadline after reports surfaced that Nagaland’s first LGBTQ conclave titled ‘Rainbow Dialogues: All Together’ was organized on February 29.
The group claimed that Nagas and Christians will not tolerate any activity that destroys the fabric of society.
Furthermore, they asked the Nagas, including the churches to stay vigilant of “evil forces” that are “trying to destroy the existence of the society”.
They also urged churches to “educate and counsel” the younger generation as they may fall prey to “bad influences”.
Continuing the warning, the group said non-indigenous people promoting and encouraging LGBTQ in the state failed to leave within three days, saying they would be liable for any adverse reactions. It will not be.

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ), alien to the Naga society and something that was never heard of among the Naga people, is trying to make a foothold in Naga society to corrupt and tow away the minds of Naga people especially the younger generation from our cultural and religious beliefs. The intent of evil is and ever has been to deceive and to get someone to call it good,” it said.

NSCN-K alleged that the culture and practices of the outside world had attempted to influence the Naga society by promoting unhealthy behaviour, and unrighteous and unethical ways of life. According to the group, such negative values contradict the moral, cultural and religious values of the Naga people.

The group claimed that the concept of LGBTQ was alien to the Naga society and the Naga people had never heard of it. By trying to make a presence among the Naga people, especially the younger generation, pro-LGBTQ groups were towing away them from their cultural and religious beliefs, they said.

They further claimed that it would pose a serious threat to the moral ethics of the Nagas and would be against the teachings of Christianity.

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