NRFM has claimed responsibility for two recent blasts in Imphal.


Imphal: The National Revolutionary Front, Manipur (NRFM), a banned organization, has claimed responsibility for the May 5 and 6 bombings in Nagamapal and Khurai in Imphal.

According to reports, NRFM has claimed that he was involved in the blasts at PG Paints Center at Nagampal Lamaban Lekai in Imphal West and at the house of RK Brendra, an executive engineer of Agriculture Department at Khurai Thoidingjam Leikai in Imphal East.
The recent blasts in Imphal caused no casualties other than damage to property and a few vehicles.

According to reports, NRFM has said that EE RK Birendra’s arrogant remarks and activities have tarnished the image of the organization and discredited the cause of the organization.

He added that the organization had asked all concerned, including the engineer and his associates, especially the former agriculture minister, to clarify their position as soon as possible.
In the event of a failure to issue an explanation, the organization warns that it will expose its “wrongdoing” and take appropriate action.

The organization also maintained that it was taking extreme precautions to avoid any harm in its operations and avoided violence. The NRFM has also appealed for an apology from the property owners who caused damage in the blasts.

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