NPP to withdraw BJP support in 3 months if Manipur crisis remains

NPP to withdraw BJP support in 3 months if Manipur crisis remains

Imphal: National People’s Party (NPP) has categorically stated that they would withdraw support to the BJP-led Government if a solution cannot be worked out to the Manipur crisis within three months.

Speaking to media persons at the NPP Manipur State unit office at Naoremthong Bazar today, NPP National vice-president and former Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar said that the NPP has been closely watching the violent crisis which has been besieging the State since May 3, 2023.Even after more than 13 months, the situation has not yet improved even by little.

Rather, the crisis is only growing worse and more widespread, he remarked.

The impacts of the crisis are no longer confined to Manipur.

It has started affecting other North East States and this was reflected in the results of the recent Lok Sabha elections, he said.

On account of the State Government’s miserable failure to contain the violence even after more than 13 months, people have lost their faith in BJP and its allies.

The results of the Lok Sabha elections were an unmistakable indication, he said.

NPP, an ally of BJP, lost both the Lok Sabha seats in Meghalaya because more and more people abhor BJP’s policies and activities, Joykumar said.

In Manipur too, the BJP candidate and the candidate fielded by its ally NPF suffered humiliating defeats in the hands of rival Congress candidates.

In Nagaland presently ruled by BJP’s ally, Congress won the Lok Sabha election even though they do not have a single MLA in the State Assembly.

NPP held a meeting on June 25 and deliberated on the protracted Manipur crisis.

This was followed by another meeting between NPP National president Conrad K Sangma and NPP Manipur State unit representatives on June 28 at Shillong.

Offering the party’s help in resolving the Manipur crisis, NPP requested the State Government to convene an all-party meeting but NPP was not invited when an allparty meeting was convened earlier, he said.

Another all-party meeting was held sometime back but NPP was not informed about the meeting.

Nonetheless, it was said that two MLAs of NPP; Th Shanti of Moirang AC and M Rameshwar of Kakching AC were present at the meeting, Joykumar said.

NPP supported the BJP-led Government without any condition but now BJP has been treating NPP as if it has no value, he decried.

With the violence spreading to Jiribam, the crisis is only growing worse, he said.

The crisis is growing bigger because CDF, PDF and other militant groups from across the international border have joined the aggression in addition to the militant groups under SoO agreement, Joykumar asserted.

It is the duty and responsibility of the Central Government to check infiltration of foreign militants.

The Government of India must drive them out.

Although a huge number of Central forces have been stationed in Manipur, the Government is still unable to check illegal immigration arid no initiatives could be seen so far to repatriate the illegal immigrants, he said.

The Union Home tells recently stated that the Manipur crisis would be resolved within three months.

As such, NPP would wait and watch if the Government can work out a solution within three months.

If the Government cannot work out a solution within the three months.

NPP would take a decision on October 3 to pull out from the BJP-led Government, the NPP National vice-president stated.

In case, any NPP MLA defies the party’s decision, necessary action would be initiated, he added.

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