No solution achievable unless Nagas are united: NSCN-K (Niki Sumi)


Dimapur: The Niki Sumi group of the NSCN (K) settled on a clarion decision to all the Naga ancestral pioneers to be more dedicated and dynamic in joining all the Naga political gatherings and individuals at large. It said no answer for the Naga issue is probably going to be accomplished except if the Naga nation independent of limit boundary are joined for one shared objective.

Tending to a coordination meeting with an appointment of Dimapur-based southern Naga common society associations here on Tuesday, the leader of the gathering Niki Sumi said just the Naga ancestral pioneers can unite the Naga public, which will additionally give more weightage to the Naga public’s voice before the public authority of India for the answer for the Naga political battle.

The appointment included the Southern Naga Union, Poumai Hoho, Tangkhul Naga Long, Mao Naga Union, Maram Naga Union, Lamkang Naga Union, Maring Naga Union, Moyon Naga Union, Thangal Naga Union and Anal Naga Union.

“There should be solidarity among all the Naga nation to accomplish any objective,” Sumi focused.

He additionally reaffirmed the stand of the NSCN/GPRN for harmony and solidarity among all segments of the Naga society while reminding the ancestral pioneers that his association represented solidarity first and arrangement second.

In his location, Ato Kilonser (home priest) of the gathering Starson Lamkang valued the positive reaction of the southern Naga public pioneers towards the solidarity of the Naga public. He said the Naga public should get rid of their inner self and work together in light of a legitimate concern for all.

He called upon the ancestral pioneers to be the diplomats of harmony and solidarity.

Talking on the event, delegates of southern Nagas said the Nagas have battled together for their privileges. They underlined the need to determine their disparities and stay joined to accomplish their fantasies and yearnings.

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