New political party named ADP floats by former CM Gegong Apang

New political party named ADP floats by former CM Gegong Apang

Itanagar: Former Arunachal chief minister Gegong Apang has floated a new political party-Arunachal Democratic Party (ADP), which plans to contest all 60 Assembly constituencies in the upcoming 2024 Assembly elections.

Addressing reporters at the press club, ADP founding president Apang said, “The sole basic reason to form the party is due to the current law and order situation prevalent here in the state and bad performance in the education sector.”

 “The main agenda of the formation of ADP is for the welfare of the state, by playing a pivotal role in this regard. Root out corruption from the State and provide ample employment opportunities for the youth and streamlining the law and order problem,” he said.

The former CM promised to bring the State under the 6th Schedule, which is the long pending demand of the people of the State, ‘if the party is elected in the 2024 assembly elections.

He said that by using the State’s rich natural resources, Arunachal Pradesh can stand on its own without support from the central government.

 “ADP will be a strong and vibrant regional party with the vision to create a ‘new’ Arunachal Pradesh”, Apang said. He appealed to the people, particularly the youths, to support and join the party, in order to bring “revolutionary changes” in the political demography and development of the State.

Highlighting the reasons why the party was formed, the former CM alleged that the State has recently seen “misuse” of law and order enforcement by the state government, which “resulted in an escalation of law and order problem in the State”.

Apang also alleged the state government of failing to provide basic and adequate education facilities, which, he said, led the youths into becoming a nuisance to society.

“Hence, the need for a new regional political party was felt in order to look into these issues and to solve the same. We do not need the central government to develop the state”, he added.

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