Naga political problem: NNPGs cannot be part of the solution, says NSCN-IM.


NSCN-IM has stated that it cannot “be part of the NNPGs solution” on the Naga political issue.

However, NSCN-IM said that if the NNPGs “are very keen to go for the solution of Naga according to their agreed position, then we want them to go ahead and testify to the Naga people that they are for the Naga people.” What can be achieved. ”

“We are never going to give up our rights so neatly. History will decide and we cannot betray the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs,” NSCN-IM said in a statement.

NSCN-IM further alleges that “Nagas who are acting as Indian mercenaries” are spending sleepless nights to destroy the Naga problem and destroy the Naga national identity which the Nagas have been doing for six decades. There is more blood, tears and sweat. ”

The organization said, “We fought alone against the powerful Indian security forces and also against the misguided Nagas (mercenaries) who were sheltered from the Indian Army camps and made to work.”

NSCN-IM further alleged that the Indian government was forming a “third force / party” to defend its interests against the ‘right’ of the Nagas.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Gone. “

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