Naga bodies says liangmai burning attack carried out by Kukis

Naga bodies says liangmai burning attack carried out by Kukis

Imphal: Joint Tribal Council (JTC), Zeme Naga Council, Manipur (ZNC-M), Liangmai Naga Council, Manipur (LNC-M), Rongmei Naga Council, Manipur (RNC-M) and Inpui Union, Manipur (IUM) ) is a set of said on Tuesday that the burning of a house belonging to a Liangmai Naga in Leimakhong late on June 18 was a “coordinated attack carried out by kukis”.
The tribal bodies of Rongmei, Liangmai, Inpui and Zeme condemned the incident in the strongest possible terms, saying that despite the tag of “Naga House” being pasted on the respective doors, this violent incident of targeting Nagas in Leimakhong is not for us. There is direct danger. The principle of neutrality on the existing situation of the state.”
“To our utter shock and dismay, this violent incident of house burning occurred in front of the main gate of the 57th Mountain Division, Army Headquarters, Leimakhong,” JTC said in a statement made available to Newmai News Network. , where hundreds of people were killed. Thousands of soldiers and central troops were stationed there.
The JTC also said that unfortunately, the army and central forces remained silent spectators.
Now it is a matter of concern that even with heavy presence or deployment of army and central forces, if our lives and property are not safe, then who do we trust is the million dollar question.
The JTC then stated that it believed that “the attitude of the Kukis towards the neutral stance of the Nagas by engaging in deliberate harassment of the Nagas is not indicative of a neighbor who is in harmony with them.” Intends to live together.
The JTC also said that “this systematic attack on the Nagas by the Kukis has led the Nagas to conclude that the mutual respect and peaceful co-existence we expected from the Kukis has been misplaced”.
The JTC further said that it is a considered opinion of the Nagas that the Kukis have crossed the line and are going against the spirit of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence in the state.
“It is important to note that our restraint and neutrality on the current situation in the state should not be taken as our weakness. We will not be silent spectators to what is happening in our areas if the Kukis do not mend their ways. ,” warned the JTC.

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