Muscle strength can never win people’s hearts: Tripura Chief Minister


Agartala: Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha has appealed to party leaders to refrain from discipline and misbehavior and ensure that the people of the state voluntarily vote for the party that comes to power.

Saha’s statement came against the backdrop of strong criticism of the BJP by opposition parties over the rising incidence of violence and intimidation in the state.

Addressing a congratulatory program at the state party headquarters, Saha said, “We have to understand that muscle power can never win people’s hearts. We cannot be the party of choice if we prevent people from voting by threatening them. These tactics become unnecessary if we continue to work for the people throughout the year. We need to make sure that people vote for us voluntarily and not out of fear.
Describing the culture of political violence as an integral part of the political societies of Tripura and West Bengal, Saha said, “We are different from the crowds of political parties. In addition to being a political party, the BJP is also leading a social movement.

Saha also told the leaders that their real happiness would come when the party leaders continue to follow the party’s ideology.
The Chief Minister also directed the party workers to expedite public outreach programs across the state. “I strongly feel that the majority of the people of the state are unaware of the unintended benefits of a transparent system. They should understand the government’s involvement in their lives, which is only through r

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