Mizoram residents question the idea of ​​a center for the promotion of Hindi in the state.


On April 8, Amit Shah delivered a speech at the 37th session of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee in New Delhi, in which he spoke on the need to make Hindi an important part of the country’s unity. He also said that “Hindi should be compulsory till 10th standard in all the northeastern states.” The statement caused a stir in the northeast, including the mountainous state of Mizoram

“It’s a subject that has always bothered me since I was in primary school. Although we have had Hindi as a subject for so many years, none of my friends know how to speak Hindi. Even if I had to write a sentence now, I don’t think I would be able to write it, “he said.

“It is not our mother tongue, and we do not use it in our daily life, so it is difficult for us to learn Hindi. Adding it to our board exams will be a big burden for us.” He added.

The central government’s proposed move to make Hindi compulsory in the North East has received mixed reactions. Student organizations such as the NESO (North East Students’ Organization) have strongly opposed it, even writing a letter to the Prime Minister.

However, not everyone is rejecting the Shah’s proposals outright. Some teachers and parents believe that this will help children to secure their future.

Lalsawmliani* has worked as a Hindi teacher in various private schools in the state for over ten years. She said that she strongly believes that Hindi should not only be taught up to 10th standard and it should be included in the board examinations but the children should be introduced before that. Currently, in Mizoram schools, Hindi language is introduced as a subject starting from class three.

“When students enter the third grade and Hindi is introduced as a subject, they face a lot of difficulties because they do not know the basics of the language. If it can be introduced from the first grade, then It can be a step-by-step learning process for students and by grade three, they will be more familiar with the language, “he said.

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