Mizo Congress leader: BJP exploiting Hinduism for political gains

Mizo Congress leader: BJP exploiting Hinduism for political gains

Aizawl: During a campaign launch held in Keifang on Tuesday, Congress president Lalsawta addressed a gathering and blamed the challenges facing the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the current state of India and Mizoram. Expressed his concern over the state.
Lalsawta claimed that the BJP was exploiting religion, especially Hinduism, for its political gain.
Lalsawta began by saying, “India and Mizoram are going through tough times because BJP is robbing people in the name of Hinduism.” He emphasized that the impact of BJP rule can be seen in neighboring Manipur, which is currently facing a crisis that has claimed nearly 200 lives and left thousands homeless. have been
Expressing deep concern over the state of religious freedom and liberty, especially for Christian missionaries, Lalsawta alleged that these values ​​are under threat under BJP rule. He accused the BJP of neglecting the interests and concerns of the Christian community and prioritizing initiatives related to Hindus like the construction of the Ayodhya temple and the Uniform Civil Code.
“BJP’s introduction of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and its sole focus on Hindu affairs is dangerous for Christians and the diversity of our nation,” Lalsawta asserted.
Emphasizing the Congress party’s commitment to the welfare of Mizoram, Lalsawta said, “We don’t have time to criticize other parties. The Congress party is confident of where they stand, and while we work for the betterment of Mizoram, we will continue to oppose the BJP and its allies.

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