Miscreants brunt four villages while Amit Shah visiting Kongpokpi

Miscreants brunt four villages while Amit Shah visiting Kongpokpi

Manipur: Violence broke out in Kongpokpi district when the Union Home Minister was meeting with Kuki leaders in Kongpokpi.
According to sources, more than four villages in Chingdai Khullen area under Saikul sub-division in Kongpokpi district were attacked and burnt.
Union Home Minister’s May 31 visit to Kongpokpi and meeting with top leaders and intellectuals of the Kuki community was described as ‘productive’, Committee on Tribal Unity, President Hills.
However, the committee felt dismayed when the people of the district, young and old, male and female, from all walks of life welcomed the Union Home Minister with great enthusiasm, a billowing of smoke, and the screams of innocent crickets. And call The Union Home Minister was greeted by the torching of more than five Kuki villages in Changdai area under Saikul Sub-division in Kangpokpi district allegedly by Meitei radical groups.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah from a helicopter Brigadier M. After that at 2:12 pm a long two hours was spent listening to and interacting with Kuki leaders at Thomas Ground Kongpokpi and 22 Assam Rifles Post, Kongpokpi.
The Union Home Minister was warmly welcomed by a crowd of thousands with the tricolor in his hands waving in the air. etc.
The Union Home Minister responded by waving to the crowd.
On their way to the rally hall, thousands of people formed a human chain, carrying banners congratulating the Union Home Minister while others carried placards that read, “All our houses in the valley.” , villages and churches have been burnt”. We have video evidence of Manipur government and Arambai Tenggol working together, “Our schools have been burnt”, “Pangei MPTC, MRs and IRBs battalion armories have not been looted, they have been handed over without any resistance. Done”, “Prime Minister is distorting facts. We demand President Raj, “Human rights are violated by brain government”, “This is state sponsored ethnic cleansing”. , “Arambai Tenggol is an armed terrorist organization”.
Various civil society organizations, leading Kuki leaders, and intellectuals participated in the meeting which was chaired by the Committee for Tribal Unity, Sadar Hills.
The Tribal Unity Committee, President Hills, also submitted a six-page memorandum to the visiting Union Home Minister describing the current violence in Manipur as the highest level of ethnic genocide against the Kuki-zo community in the state. It was declared a conspiracy.
It said that innumerable documents, video footage, and other media evidence confirm that a group of politicians under the present government of Manipur used all available machinery at the state’s disposal. Conspired against the Kuki-zo community in Manipur and carried it out.
He also said that such open truths by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the entire government agencies know very well how the plans to politically and administratively exterminate the entire Kuki-zo population of Manipur have been going on for decades. Implementation was done.
The memorandum also listed the important and urgent demands of the committee.

Tribal Unity Committee Sadar Hills termed the nearly two-hour long meeting with the Union Home Minister as productive and positive.
“We are very grateful to the Union Home Minister for patiently listening to the grievances and issues raised during our meeting and for resolving our urgent needs at the earliest,” said K Sitlhou, spokesperson of the Tribal Unity Committee on Sadar Hills.
The COTU spokesperson said the meeting was productive and positive.
After the departure of the Union Home Minister at around 4:05 pm, the committee again held a long meeting with several other civil society organizations and top leaders and intellectuals.
The spokesperson of the committee continued that the Union Home Minister discussed various important issues besides upgrading the health care facilities in the district, solving the educational problems of the student community, providing necessary assistance, helicopter connectivity etc. Delivery assured.
However, Sitlhou, expressing his concern over the escalating violence despite the presence of the Union Home Minister, pleaded for a strong intervention from the Home Minister before leaving the state to control the violence.
Even when you are here, if we can be attacked, and our villages are burnt, then what will happen after you leave us”, Sitlhou quickly interrupted the visiting Union Home Minister. Expressed surprise while requesting.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also visited one of the relief camps set up inside Kongpokpi town and interacted with the internally displaced before leaving the city.

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