Meghalaya: New ‘terrorist organization’ sends bomb threat e-mail to CM, police probe continues


Police in Meghalaya are investigating a recent e-mail sent to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma calling for a new terrorist attack called “Lawei Ba Phyrnai in Meghalaya”.

The group sent an e-mail to Meghalaya Chief Minister Konrad Sangma threatening a series of bombings targeting educational institutions.

The group said it would carry out bombings targeting educational institutions in Meghalaya in protest of high unemployment in the state.

The group has threatened to carry out bombings “every week starting May 1, 2022”.

Group – Lawei Ba Phyrnai has identified itself as a “terrorist organization” formed by 37 “able and talented unemployed youth”.

In the letter, the Levite group also mentioned its goals.

“Our first target is the MBOSE building. The next will be St. Anthony’s School and College from where I passed out. And even NEHU where I got my diploma. And yes, we will continue to bomb until then. That you and your government will not come up with any solution to provide employment to every Meghalaya there, ”the threatening letter said.

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