Meghalaya households hit hard by rising commodity prices: survey


Shillong: The whole country is burdened by rising commodity prices and Meghalaya is no exception. Residents are feeling the pinch amid rising prices of essential commodities over the past few months, making life difficult for ordinary people.
Many believe that the recent floods in Assam are the main reason behind the massive rise in prices of essential commodities as it has affected agricultural production, resulting in less stock reaching the wholesale markets.
Another reason could be rising fuel prices.

A survey of local markets by the Shillong Times found that vegetable and meat prices increased proportionately as the distance from Ayodhya, the state’s largest traditional market, to the local market increased.
Tomatoes which were selling at Rs 35-40 per kg a few weeks ago are now selling at Rs 80-100. The price of cabbage has doubled from Rs 30-40 to Rs 60-80. French beans are being sold at a premium rate of Rs 100-120 per kg which was earlier Rs 50-60. The price of a woman’s finger or bhandi is Rs. 80-100 as compared to Rs. 40-45. The price of carrots has gone up from Rs 60-70 per kg to Rs 100 now. The price of cabbage has gone up from Rs 60 to Rs 80 to 100 per kg.
In addition, prices of potatoes and onions have increased by about Rs 10 per kg.

Both potatoes and onions are now being sold at Rs 30-35 per kg in local markets.
Meanwhile, there is no respite for the majority of meat consumers. Pork has reached Rs 420 per kg, while beef is now Rs 450-500 per kg, while a calf with meat is sold at Rs 600 per kg.

According to reports, Bengal, Bihar and Assam supply most of the vegetables to Shillong.

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