Meghalaya: BJP’s Sholay visits Madina mosque, pledges communal harmony


Shillong: On the occasion of Ramadan, BJP Minister Sanbor Shullai visited Madina Mosque in Jhalupara on Sunday and addressed the Muslim community of 19 South Shillong constituency.

During his visit, Shullai thanked him for his support of the Muslim community when he was first elected MLA since 2008.

Shullai said that his acquaintance with the community is such that during Muharram he always used to go to Jhalupara with the Muslim brothers of Lebanon area and now both areas come under the same constituency.

Shullai said he would ensure that peace and communal harmony prevailed and that people in his constituency were never divided, regardless of caste, creed or sex.

Shullai appealed to all Muslims to pray for brotherhood and unity in the holy month of Ramadan and for peace not only in Shillong but in the entire state.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Zakaria, General Secretary, North East Muslim Union, said that the work done by Shullai in the 19 constituencies of South Shillong was a gift to the people and he appealed to the Muslim community to never forget Shullai . Continue to support Ending cooperation and partnership in society.

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