Massive fire broke out in Balijan town, a house burnt to ashes

Massive fire broke out in Balijan town, a house burnt to ashes

Itanagar: A devastating fire consumed a residence in Balijan town of Papumpare district, reducing it to ashes. The fire, which broke out in the house of Bengia Tubin, resulted in the loss of all possessions, but no casualties were reported.

The fire, the cause of which remains unknown, quickly engulfed the entire house, leaving nothing salvageable. Adding to the chaos, two LPG gas cylinders in the kitchen exploded during the incident, intensifying the destruction.

Despite the severity of the situation, the lack of a fire brigade station in Balijan Circle hampered efforts to bring the fire under control promptly. Bengia Tubin, along with his wife and children, who were occupants of the premises, had to witness the destruction of their home without immediate firefighting assistance.

Local MLA of 14th Doimukh, Tana Hali Tara, took action in providing relief to the affected family members. In a statement to the media, MLA Hali expressed his concern over the lack of fire stations in critical areas. He stated, “I have submitted three proposals for fire stations in Doimukh, Balijan, and Kimin towns, but unfortunately, all are pending. Land availability is a significant hurdle, and there is a government policy that requires land contribution for development projects. If re-elected, I am committed to pursuing these proposals to ensure the safety of our communities.”

MLA Hali has also deployed police and administrative staff to assess the extent of property loss suffered by the affected family.

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