Mass protest call by YEMKAL on June 10 over Manipur violence

Mass protest call by YEMKAL on June 10 over Manipur violence

Manipur: Yelhou Mee Kanba Lup (YEMKAL) has appealed to all local communities, local bodies, clubs and associations of Manipur to come out for mass agitation on June 10 evening.
YEMKAL has also appealed to the public to protest on all state and national highways from 3 pm to 5 pm and raise slogans against the government’s inability to deal with Kuki militants.
Speaking to the media at the Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, YEMKAL Chief Convenor Loken Angom condemned the authorities’ inability to prevent widespread disturbances caused by Kuki militants.
“The concerned authorities should hand over the reins to the people if they are failing to stop this problem which has been going on for too long,” he said.
He added that all the indigenous communities of the state should unite to end the conspiracy of the Kuki militants to wipe out the indigenous people of the state.
He said, “This is not an attack on Meiteis alone but on the entire local population of Manipur by outside invaders and therefore all the local bodies should take a collective blow to resolve this issue once and for all.” Will do.
Alleging that Kuki people have been trying to create rifts between Nagas and Meiteis for a long time, he urged all communities under the Naga umbrella not to be swayed by such divisive tactics.
He called upon the Naga brothers in Manipur to help the Meiteis and collectively try to end the illegal and violent encroachment of the foreign invaders.
Loken also demanded the state government to immediately disqualify the 10 Kuki MLAs and mocked the remaining MLAs for violating the rules and regulations of the assembly for remaining silent spectators.
He added that he should be ashamed of his inaction.

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